How Over-Consumption is Killing Our Planet (and what you can do about it)


How Over-Consumption is Killing Our Planet (and what you can do about it)

From food waste to poorly made clothes, our obsession with buying things we don’t need has become a serious problem. Over-consumption of goods has become the norm in Western societies, with shopping for bargains trumping saving for what you want and mass production increasing to meet demands. However, anxiety and depression is reaching an all-time high all over the world so, it’s clear that ‘stuff’ isn’t really what makes us happy.

We’re all for treating ourselves to gorgeous goodies, but we’re not so into buying for the sake of buying and buying at the expense of the planet. Wherever possible, we personally strive to make ethical shopping choices, promoting fair-trade, independent and organic over multi-billion corporations and natural resource guzzling mass-production and as someone who has made their way to the Tabitha James Kraan Organics journal, our best guess is that you aim for the same.

We’re not saying that the consumerist mind-set is one that’s easy to escape. It has undeniably become a way of life for most of us and the way that our day-to-day is setup, it can be a challenge to do the ‘right thing’ when it comes to choosing where and what to put our hard earned money into. But it’s a challenge that is worth rising to.

She Never Felt Quite Ready. But She Was Brave.

As with everything, even the biggest change has to start with a single voice.

Just as Tabitha decided to make a stand against the rife use of toxic chemicals in the cosmetics industry by developing her own completely natural haircare range that works in harmony with the body and the planet, it is down to each and every one of us to push against over-consumption before it is too late.


Shop Savvy

Fighting over-consumption does not mean that you can never buy yourself anything you want. You don’t have to switch into a strict life of taking and using only what you need and never treating yourself to something simply because you love it, but instead what you should consider doing is buying less but higher quality.

Finding a bargain deal has become addictive. With huge queues lining up round the block for the January sales and every website competing with the next to offer the cheapest option, it’s easy to fall prey to the notion that the cheaper the better; but the fact is, that cheaper is more often than not worse in many ways.

Not only are cheap alternatives usually supporting unethical practices (if you’re buying that dress for £10 just think how much the person who made it is earning…), but the throwaway culture of buying lower quality goods is promoting mass-production on high, which is one of the leading causes of climate change.

We suggest that you do treat yourself – to what you really want. Take a little more time finding the one dress that you’ll wear and love until it is threadbare in 10 years time; spend a little more money buying from smaller businesses with fair-trade practices and choose things that come in reusable or recyclable packing.

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Find Your Happy

Happiness cannot be bought. We’ve all certainly tried our best to find that new pair of shoes, that coat or that lipstick that completes us and makes us feel the way the advert showed us we would feel and should feel, but the truth is that materialism breeds depression, not joy.

Rather than looking for happiness on the outside, turn inwards and start there. Go back to your inner child and find the games that made her laugh. Find what makes the true you glow from your head down to the tips of your toes.

Find your happy and live it, don’t buy it.