1. Oil Balancing

Hair oil application will strengthen and build up long-term protection of the hair strands.

I have developed a unique organic hair oil blend, able to absorb into and seal the hair shaft, providing strength and protection, without weighing the hair down.

Keeping the correct moisture balance in place lets each strand be more malleable and move freely. This enables maximum control to achieve fabulously buoyant hair that is full of life and lustre, achieving a more youthful look!

The oil also acts like a varnish, deepening and enriching the natural or coloured tones of the hair enhancing and protecting all colours.

The Scented Hair Oil will balance scalp conditions, moisturising a dry scalp and calming irritation. The application of our special oil to an oily scalp will calm any sebaceous gland overproduction, as the body tries to regain the right natural balance, producing oil on the scalp, also known as ‘The Law of Similars’.

2. Correct Cleansing

Healthy hair is the foundation of Great hair.
Correct cleansing is how to achieve that foundation.

The TJK organic hair cleansers gently cleanse the hair using soapbark, which creates a natural soap to clean, without stripping the natural oils as traditional detergent based shampoos do. By cleansing this way the scalp’s natural equilibrium is maintained and excess oil production is calmed, thus balancing over time.

My organic cleansers also contain our signature hair oil, delivering a fine layer with every wash, which nourishes and protects each strand and balances scalp conditions.
Oat milk is added for extra moisture and to soften the hair, delivering healing properties to any scalp condition.

The addition of the organic, high performance, ingredient aloe vera adds greater moisturising and calming properties alongside anti-inflammatory and anti fungal benefits. Aloe vera’s gel like substance is able to penetrate the entire hair shaft as it has a similar composition to keratin, the hair’s naturally occurring protein, delivering moisture exactly where you need it.

3. Moisture Layering

Decades of working with hair has taught me that it always performs best when it is moisturised correctly, purely and naturally. Most problems are caused by moisture/oil being stripped from the hair. I have designed products that enable you to replace that moisture easily and effectively building layers to achieve longevity of healthy hair.

The Scented Hair Oil, Hair Cleansers, 4-in-1 Conditioners and Hair Perfume all add additional layers of moisture to the hair.

By sourcing the purest natural ingredients, I can produce the highest quality hair care that delivers results, working in harmony with our natural hair and scalp. Hair always performs best when treated purely and naturally.

I believe in honesty. My products are made from the finest quality Organic and Natural ingredients chosen to achieve maximum performance in a clean and healthy way.

We do Not test any of our ingredients or finished products on animals.