Real Life Tabitha James Kraan Organics Hair Stories: Meet Emma

Real TJK Hair Stories, meet Emma

Real Life Tabitha James Kraan Organics Hair Stories: Meet Emma


If you’ve got feel dry, lacklustre hair that doesn’t reflect your true, vibrant personality and you’re striving to get your mane back, this one’s for you. Meet Emma…

Before: Emma used to feel as though her hair was a big part of who she is as a person, but over time through over-washing and the use of toxic products, it has lost the shine, bounce and all-round health that she loved so much. She had no idea what to do with it on a daily basis and would often just resort to tying it up.


After: She’s got her hair back! And her self-confidence with it. Gorgeous, bouncy, soft, hydrated hair that is easy to manage and a joy to style.

The key to Emma’s TJK Transformation? A pre-wash treatment.

Tabitha’s Tips:

For Emma, her journey to rediscovering hair she truly loves was not entirely about the hair products and hair treatment, it was very much to do with rediscovering herself and relearning how to feel comfortable in the hands of a hairdresser, after having had some negative experiences.

When Emma first visited Tabitha in our organic hair salon in the wonderful setting of Stow-on-the-Wold, she wasn’t quite sure what to expect…

An organic hairdresser who makes and uses her own products? What does that look like? As she soon discovered, it encapsulated the holistic process she had always hoped for in a hair appointment and not only that, but Tabitha’s ethos and our brand ethos matched her own – something that was incredibly important to her confidence recovery.

Once Emma realised that she was in the presence of a kindred spirit in Tabitha, she was able to relax and trust the different take on things we have here. Switching from an un-natural to a wholly natural routine can be quite a big transition, getting used to non-foaming cleanser and re-learning everything you’ve been taught about haircare, but seeing the magic every time she visited the salon, Emma knew that this was the right path for her.

Tabitha wanted Emma’s hair journey to really focus on her being able to find the best version of herself and through this all-encompassing and therapeutic routine, that is exactly what has happened. Emma now knows to listen to her hair and to trust her own instincts, not only when it comes to beauty, but in all areas of life. Confidence and happiness is the true key to shining, although the Scented Organic Hair Oil does help!

Emma’s Essential TJK product: 

TJK Scented Organic Hair Oil (aka our ‘Youth Dew’!)

Emma used to wash her hair every day, but through rebalancing her scalp with her TJK routine, she is now able to go 5 days between washes whilst maintaining a beautiful style.

As her hair had become so dry, it needs plenty of moisture to look its best and fortunately, out products deliver plenty of that! Emma starts her haircare regime the night before she plans to cleanse her hair, with our Scented Organic Hair Oil. She simply takes one pump, warms it in her hands and runs it through the lengths of her hair as well as giving her scalp a light massage. Overnight, her hair gets to enjoy all the healing and hydrating natural ingredients and her senses get soothed with a lush aromatherapy scent!

In the morning, the oil has worked its magic, so Emma steps into the shower and applies just a small amount of our Hair Cleanser to gentle clean the hair without stripping. She’s found that, since using this product, her scalp is now very happy unlike when she used chemical products and it was very sore and itchy.

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