Natural Beauty Find Sophie, The New Face Of Tabitha JK, After Receiving The TJK Hair Spa Treatment


Natural Beauty Find Sophie, The New Face Of Tabitha JK, After Receiving The TJK Hair Spa Treatment

We felt it was time for a new face, a new vibe, a natural beauty.

Natural is the backbone of the Tabitha James Kraan philosophy and ethos so there was going to be no compromise with our choice.

After a lengthy search we discovered the beautiful Sophia, her natural demeanor was something to behold.

Her acres of deep brunette hair were screaming out for a luxurious Tabitha James Kraan oil treatment, to show the fabulous natural tones hiding under years of chemical residue.

And here is the result…

Tabitha James Kraan SS16 Spring 2016
SS16 Tabitha James Kraan


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