Rosehip Oil: Key Ingredient No.2 – Meet Our Hair Heroes

Rosehip Oil: Key Ingredient No.2 – Meet Our Hair Heroes

On our hunt to find all of the very best organic, natural goodies to include in our hair products and leave you with the best hair you’ve ever had without a chemical in sight, we discovered a few ingredients that have now become Tabitha James Kraan Organics staples. Ingredients that work miracles on the hair and scalp as well as being just pretty amazing all-round.

One such key ingredient is Rosehip oil. With 60 times more vitamin C than your average citrus fruits and rich in essential fatty acids and nutrients that really bring the hair and skin to life, this little British-grown plant in it’s certified organic cold-pressed oil form is one that you will find across the entire TJK range.

Infuse each strand

Rosehip oil is packed with lovely gamma linoleic acid, an Omega-6 fatty acid which has the ability to transform dull, tired, dry locks into a thing of beauty. When rosehip oil is applied to the hair, each strand is Infused with this wonderful stuff resulting in an instant brightening effect. It works just the same for the skin too!

Treat your scalp

When using our Scented Organic Hair Oil (in which Rosehip oil is a key ingredient), you’re not just working towards beautiful hair in the short term, you’re re-balancing and treating your scalp for all-over hair and scalp health with just the right amount of sebum and not a hint of dry flakiness in sight.

Rosehip oil is amazing at controlling scalp inflammation; combatting dandruff and psoriasis; preventing itchiness which can result is damaged follicles and also, inhibiting free radical DHT which is often one of the main causes of hair loss.

Indulge in a weekly scalp massage with our luxury Scented Organic Hair Oil for thicker, stronger, longer hair as a result of a healthy scalp.

rosehip oil

Rehydrate and revitalise

Rosehip oil is super moisturising for both the hair and skin, being made up of 80% fatty acids. Although it’s true that the more you treat yourself to this potent oil, the better the affects, you will notice instantaneous hydration as the oil quenches your locks, leaving it soft, silky and manageable.

Rich in vitamins & anti-oxidants

Rosehip oil is one of our warrior ingredients, battling off free-radicals caused by pollutants (including car fumes and UV rays) and creating a protective layer to ward off any future damage.

Vitamin A (also known as Retinol) is also in abundance in rosehip oil, which helps to produce healthy sebum to prevent hair from becoming dry and brittle, as well fighting free-radicals that weigh the hair down.