Safflower is an extremely valuable commodity. The oil is extracted from the seeds. Safflower is cultivated in approximately 60 countries and is a good alternative to unhealthy vegetable oils (even if it is expensive!) It was found in Tutuankhamun’s tomb. It was mentioned in numerous Greek manuscripts. It was known as Carthamine in the 1800s. It is a major crop in India used as an addition to paints or they steep the leaves for use as a dye. Apparently it provides a boost of Vitamin E. It is rich in Oleic acid which increases circulation in the scalp. It can also be consumed internally as well.

Why Tabitha includes it

Safflower is said to stimulate hair growth and strengthen follicles. It gently penetrates the hair cuticle, delivering nutrition to dry and damaged hair to restore a healthy texture and shine.

You can find Safflower in

Scented Organic Hair Oil 30ml

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