Save Time, RETHINK your haircare

Save Time, RETHINK your haircare

Save Time. RETHINK your Haircare

Have beautiful hair and save time, how is this possible?

Rethink your hair care and you can have both!

How should I wash my hair today?

Today ask yourself do I need to wet wash or dry wash my hair? How does my hair look? More importantly how does it FEEL?

It feels amazing and looks great too! Ok- then today is a dry wash day, refresh the hair with our Dry Shampoo. Then finished by an application of our hair moisturier, our 4 in 1 conditioner.


It feels itchy or dry or an excess amount of oil and it looks flat and lifeless. Then today is time for a nuturing aromatherapy wet wash day. Start by washing your hair with either our Clean Shampoo or our Hair Cleanser to clean and harmonise your scalp.

Save time- Don’t wash your hair everyday.

Save Time Weekly

Tabitha James Kraan Dry Shampoo

TJK Dry Shampoo’s are multi use products. They are designed to absorb visual oil at the roots of the hair, they create volume and texture to boost your style. But did you know that they also work as a gentle scalp exfoliator?

If you are already wearing our Dry Shampoo then you will have enough to simply massage the scalp before washing. Use the pads of your fingers to gently buff the scalp.

If not the you need to add a fresh application to the scalp directly and then gently massage with the pads of your fingers.

Tabitha James Kraan Hair Oil

Oil balancing is the TJK way of returning harmony to the hair and scalp, developed to help with oily scalps & dry hair at the same time.

By applying it to the hair, it will literally seal each hair shaft, providing strength and protection, acting like a varnish to deepen, enrich and enhance your hair colour.

One treatment instantly puts back the fine layer of oil, achieving what hours of brushing with a bristle brush would do to restore shine, movement, natural buoyancy or a smooth feel that creates beautiful hair that’s ready to be worked with.

Scalp Moisture Tabitha James Kraan 4 in 1 conditioner

There are two incredible nourishing ways to harmonise your scalp if you have a dry itchy scalp or an over production of oil.

For dry, flaky scalp conditions, you can use my 4-in-1 Conditioner topically and massage it into your scalp to relieve the symptoms, this can be done to dry hair as well as wet as the formula is so light that it won’t leave your hair greasy.

By applying the oil to the scalp as a pre-wash treatment, it will calm down any over-production of natural oil, resulting in a more balanced scalp.

Save Time Monthly

Less Washes = Less Pollution

By balancing the oil production in your scalp your body will be in harmony so you will need to wash your hair less.

Less washes equals less pollution. Less impact on yourself, people, and the planet by using hair care which is not full of liquid plastics, silicone, and harsh chemicals.

Washing your hair less also means less water used, less power to heat the water and less need to use styling tools.

All of these ways to support the planet by being more sustainable, just by RETHINKING your hair care!