Acupressure Treatment: Nurture Your Crown Chakra with Scented Organic Hair Oil

Scented Organic Hair Oil

Acupressure Treatment: Nurture Your Crown Chakra with Scented Organic Hair Oil

To us, haircare – whether that’s styling at home, getting a cut, or indulging in a well-deserved treatment – is about so much more than just looking good. In fact, we believe that feeling good should come first and the beauty will follow, hot on its heels! So when you use Tabitha James Kraan Organics products or you visit us in our boutique Cotswold salon, you’ll soon discover that the experience is designed to be a holistic one.

Yes, one end result is gorgeous, healthy, happy hair but we aim for more than that. We consider the health of your mind, body and soul as well as your hair through the therapeutic aromatherapy blends we use to scent our award winning products and of course, the chemical free formulas developed using real hero ingredients that benefit your body just as much as your hair, and without harming the planet too.

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When at home, we invite you to take your self care to a whole new level, through your hair routine. It all starts with our Scented Organic Hair Oil…

Hair oiling is not just another step in your beauty routine – in many cultures it is an age old tradition viewed as a weekly essential rather than an indulgence, which we thoroughly approve of! In India, hair oiling is based on Ayurvedic principles and is often even prescribed by Ayurvedic doctors to treat a range of conditions, because oiling your hair not only provides a host of benefits for your hair and scalp, but for your overall wellbeing too.

Just the tranquillity of taking some time to look after yourself goes a long way but, when done correctly with our Scented Organic Hair Oil, this wonderful ritual helps to boost circulation throughout your body, soothe and balance your scalp and some believe it can even help to nurture and awaken your crown chakra – located on the crown of your head.

Scented Organic Hair Oil

If you love the idea of balancing your crown chakra with the help of our Scented Organic Hair Oil, complete with the vibrational benefits of Tabitha’s signature Amethyst stone, try this acupressure oil application next time you have a hair oiling session:

  1. Depending on hair type, length and thickness use 1-2 pumps of our Scented Organic Hair Oil. Warm the oil in your hands and inhale the divine aroma before you begin.

2. Start right at the front of your hair line, in the centre and fan your fingers out through your hair, applying gentle pressure to your scalp.

3. Move your hand positioning back a little and repeat this motion, keeping that gentle, even pressure in your fingertips.

4. Continue this, moving further and further back until you have covered your entire scalp.

5. Bring your fingers back to the centre of your hairline and from here, work your way back through the middle of your scalp making small, circular movements with your fingers, still applying that light pressure.

6. Just as you moved further and further back with the first steps, now go back to your centre hairline starting point and move your finger placement slightly further apart. Repeat the circular motions from front to back as before. Continue going back to the start but with your fingers moving further out each time until you reach the tops of your ears.

7. Pause atop your ears for a moment and exert a little pressure for tension release.

8. Go back the the centre hairline placement and go again, gradually moving further down as before, but using your fingernails in your scalp this time. Once you reach the ears, start again but instead of using nails, use your thumb and forefingers to pinch tiny sections of the scalp as you move down the side.

9. To finish this incredible treatment, place your fingers at the nape of your neck behind your ears. Apply deeper pressure and push your fingers up over your scalp until they intertwine at the top of your head, hugging over your crown chakra.