Creating a Sustainable World: Tabitha LOVES Sustainable Fashion

sustainable fashion

Creating a Sustainable World: Tabitha LOVES Sustainable Fashion

Creating sustainablity in the cosmetics industry is something that is very close to our hearts here at Tabitha James Kraan Organics and alongside the health and wellbeing of our loyal followers, this is something we always take into consideration when developing and creating our organic haircare. But our passion for a sustainable world doesn’t stop at beauty products. We like to do our bit and spread the word about how we can make changes in all areas of our lives, to benefit our beloved planet and all those who live on it.


In today’s blog, we’re putting the spotlight on creating a more sustainable fashion industry.


‘Recycling clothing is a big passion of mine’ explains Tabitha ‘I need a fair amount of clothing because I work in the fashion industry but as a conscious consumer, I don’t want to keep buying disposable clothing.’

This is a problem many of us encounter and as a result, the vast majority are led to believe that if you want to look great and fashion forward, you need to keep buying into the retail brands that are now being outed as the main culprits behind what is the second most polluting industry on Earth. But fortunately, this is not true! There are lots of ways that you can be a conscious consumer, making ethical and sustainable choices and still look fantastic! “I don’t profess to be perfect by any means but I enjoy the thrill of the challenge” says Tabitha…

Here is some of Tabitha’s advice that she always tries to shops by:

sustainable fashion

Buy second hand and vintage!

Finding second hand and vintage treasures is one of the best ways you can keep your wardrobe fresh without contributing to the consumerist cycle. In fact, if you buy from charity shops or private sellers on websites like eBay, your money will actually be going to a good cause or another individual just like you.

Embrace your own style – this is the best way to make pre-loved clothing work for you. There’s no need to stick to highstreet fashion. Be brave and do your thing! Find a vintage kimono and make it your summer staple; breathe new life into dresses by styling them up or down with accessories; rummage through the men’s shirt rails to find the perfect fit for the ‘boyfriend’ look a la style icon Meghan Markle. Getting creative is all part of the fun.

Tabitha says ‘I love buying recycled clothing from private sellers on eBay. You can often find new purchases that have never been worn – something many of us are guilty of having in our wardrobes….’

Tabitha also adores dress agencies, both local and online. These places are absolute treasure troves for bargain designer pieces that are pre-loved but in perfect condition. Why buy new, increasing the demand for unethical practice, when you can buy second hand for a fraction of the price, ending the cycle.

sustainable fashion

Research ethical brands

If Tabitha does buy something new, she always tries to find independent, ethical brands to support sustainable fashion practice…

‘I make an effort to look into companies I buy from the make sure that they are ethical companies who consider how their clothing is made, by whom, the materials and processes used.’ 

sustainable fashion

Look for handmade

Buying something that is handmade with love is such a pleasure, but it’s not only us shoppers who reap the benefits of this decision, it’s the craftspeople too.

Tabitha shares ‘I keep an eye out for clothing that is traditionally made by real craftspeople, both local and also companies that support ethical craftsmanship further afield. It really adds to the joy of buying a new garment I love if I know it has not come at the cost of another human being’s health and happiness.’

sustainable fashion

Recycle your old clothes  

Not many of us can say that every single item in our wardrobes adhere to these sustainable fashion rules (although, hats off if they do!), so even if it’s too late to turn back the clock and not buy certain pieces from certain brands, you can at least do your bit when it’s time for a clear out.

Tabitha says ‘I’m not perfect and I do occasionally buy something simply because I like it, but then I commit to recycling it on once I am finished with it.’

Don’t beat yourself up about things you can’t change, just resolve to make the ethical choice for your clothing’s next phase in life.