Real Life Tabitha James Organics Hair Stories: Meet Samantha

Samantha TJK Real Life Hair Stories

Real Life Tabitha James Kraan Organics Hair Stories: Meet Samantha

The hunt for your forever haircare ends here.

We’re all guilty of having spent far too much money, time and effort in our lives searching for the dream product that will revolutionise our locks, being suckered by high-gloss editorials and TV adverts promising the world only to find that what it delivers is…well…considerably less.

Here at Tabitha James Kraan, we’re not about creating reams of products and selling them over and over again to everyone out there, touted as the new miracle fix whatever your hair type and hair dilemma. Our organic range is small but perfectly formed. We’re about real hair and real people figuring out what works best for them and this is exactly what we’ll be sharing with you in our Real Life Tabitha James Organics Hair Stories. 

When you buy your Tabitha James Kraan haircare, we want you to discover the perfect products for you and use them in a way that truly suit your own, individual needs down to the ground.


We’re all unique and our hair routine should reflect that, so short of offering a consultation to each and every customer (which if only time would allow, we would love to do!) we have put together a series of videos featuring not models, but real people, whose hair has been transformed by the TJK routine they have chosen to use, with expert guidance from Tabitha herself. Through these short films, we hope to help you find the products and routine that will work the best for you and deliver the outstanding results you’ve always hoped your haircare would.

Over the next few months, we’ll be posting lots of real life videos demonstrating how Tabitha James Kraan Organics products have transformed a wide variety of hair types and fixed a vast range of hair problems. Keep checking back for one that best fits your own!


If you’ve got unruly, wiry hair that’s hard to manage, this one’s for you. Meet Samantha…

Before TJK: Rebellious, wiry and unruly hair that was really difficult to manage and required a high maintenance routine.


After TJK: Soft, smooth, hydrated and weightless hair that behaves yet still has personality. And a all from a low maintenance routine!

The key to Samantha’s TJK Transformation? Supercharged Moisture.

Tabitha’s Tips:

Samantha wears her Strawberry Blonde hair long (showing off the beautiful, subtle hand-painted colour I created for her in its best light!). It is really important that Samantha keeps her hair deeply moisturised for glossy and manageable results.

Over-drying is a big issue here and constant straightening to try and achieve a smooth finish is only going to make matters worse! Hair that is well hydrated will dry faster, naturally and as she has discovered, give her the hair she craves without the damage and lengthy styling process.

Intensely moisturised hair is also the key to youthful hair, which is possible whatever your age.

Youthful hair has nothing to do with the natural colour (you can have grey hair and it still be youthful!), it’s all about hair health. Dry, brittle hair looks older and this is simply because ‘young hair’, like the hair we all had as children, is unadulterated and healthy as can be!

Our aim, with TJK products, is not to give you ‘anti-aging’ miracles, but rather restore your hair to its natural and best condition which just so happens to have been when we were young. Hydrated hair looks and behaves like youthful hair because moisture helps each strand revert to its natural state: elastic, buoyant, shiny and full of natural movement and vibrancy.

Samantha’s Essential TJK product: 

TJK Scented Organic Hair Oil (aka our ‘Youth Dew’!)

Samantha has developed her own way of using her favourite TJK products, including our Amber Rose Cleanser and 4-in-1 Conditioner, our Clean Conditioner, Organic Hair Perfume and the Scented Organic Hair Oil (check out her full routine in the video here).

She loves them all and tells us that daily use of our award winning 4-in-1 Conditioner for lightweight moisture layering throughout the day as she needs it and each night, just like with a face moisturiser, has revolutionised her hair, while our Organic Hair Perfume leaves her feeling and smelling like a Goddess! But if we had to choose one product to suggest to Samantha it has to be our Scented Organic Hair Oil.

This 100% natural oil is designed to help dry, brittle hair just like Sam’s retain much needed moisture and seal each strand for a smooth, light reflective surface. The superfood ingredients super-charges moisture levels and in combination with our 4-in-1 conditioner used as a hydrating styling aid and a weekly deep condition mask with our Clean Conditioner, you’ve got the perfect recipe for transformational haircare!