Real Life Tabitha James Kraan Organics Hair Stories: Meet Caroline

Real TJK Hair Stories, meet Caroline

Real Life Tabitha James Kraan Organics Hair Stories: Meet Caroline

In today’s Tabitha James Kraan Organics Real Hair Story, you’ll get introduced to a number of our award-winning products. But the one that we’re really digging? The Organic Dry Shampoo.

Discover why this summer essential product might just be your must-have-product for effortless Beachy Waves, fresh festival wear and hair that is revived hair and refreshed in-between blow-dry’s. The more you use the bigger the hair!

Your new BFF for the hot months ahead…


If you’ve got dehydrated, frizzy hair that’s messy (but not in a good way), this one’s for you. Meet Caroline…

Before: Messy, dehydrated hair that felt like straw and was totally unmanageable. Even a hint of moisture in the air would result in serious frizz.


After: Manageable, frizz-free hair that has been totally transformed and feels amazing!

The key to Caroline’s TJK Transformation? A retrained hair routine.

Tabitha’s Tips:

Caroline has gorgeous, thick hair which is a great match for her choppy bob, if handled right. Because her hair is so think, she does run the risk of having too much volume, so keeping it in check with a light and moisturising styling product like our 4-in-1 Conditioner helps to dress and control her hair in-between washes.

Over-washing is a problem that I see time and again when it comes to hair dilemmas, as this alone is enough to completely strip the hair of its natural oils and leave it just as Caroline described: dehydrated, frizzy and unmanageable. The trick here is to retrain your hair with a naturalTabitha James Kraan Organics hair routine to cut down on those unnecessary hair washes but without compromising on that fresh scent and feel we all crave.

Hair Moisturiser

Caroline loves riding her horses, so the idea of not washing her hair after a long day out was not something she would have ever considered – until now…

Although a weekly application of our Scented Organic Hair Oil was key to Caroline’s hair transformation thanks to it’s intense injection of moisture pre-wash, it was the use of our Organic Dry Shampoo that really changed the game, as it allowed her to go longer between hair washes with ease.

Using our dry shampoo has revolutionised Caroline’s routine, as a liberal dusting of this is enough to not only give her the fantastic root lift and texture that she loves through her style, but also to clean her hair without washing or cleansing. Say goodbye to hat hair!

Caroline’s Essential TJK product:

TJK Organic Dry Shampoo

Tabitha James Kraan Dry Shampoo original and sprayer

Caroline put together a wonderful routine using Tabitha James Kraan Organics products that, in her own words, has transformed her hair.

Poor Caroline’s hair was in desperate need of a little TLC and the lovely gentle nature of our natural ingredients offered just this. She used our Organic Scented Hair Oil as a pre-wash treatment once a week and switched out her harsh, drying shampoo for our kind, moisturising Organic Hair Cleanser 2-3 times a week. She then continued to layer that moisture with our 4-in-1 conditioner, used as both a leave-in and a styling product to help her achieve that lovely, choppy look.

However, it is the ‘in-between routine’ that really makes all the difference and gives Caroline’s hair and scalp a chance to rebalance. Our Organic Dry Shampoo gives Caroline’s hair amazing body, volume and freshness without having to “re-wash and condition”, which is typical of mainstream hair routines.


Caroline’s three Tabitha James Kraan Organics inbetween steps are:

1/Organic Dry Shampoo roots – not at scalp, lift and spray or dust the root area

2/Dress and de-frizz daily with our moisture layering 4-in-1 Conditioner

3/Spritz our Organic Hair Perfume to finish, for extra moisture, luxe shine and a beautiful scent