Real TJK Hair Stories - Cath

Real Life Tabitha James Kraan Organics Hair Stories: Meet Catherine


If you’ve got thick, unruly curls that are impossible to handle and lacking in definition, this one’s for you. Meet Cath…

Before: Thick, unruly curls that were more ‘woolly’ than defined. Cath was ashamed of her hair and had no idea how to handle it, resorting to toxic straightening chemicals to get it under control.


After: In a complete turnaround, Cath is now proud of her beautiful curls that are soft, natural and the best of what she was born with. It’s easy to maintain and even looks great on days when she doesn’t want to style it, giving her the confidence she needs to get through the day.

The key to Cath’s TJK Transformation? Moisture Layering.

Tabitha’s Tips:

Cath has thick, curly hair and a lot of it! This type of hair can be fabulous, when treated right but a total nightmare if you use the wrong products.

Intense hydration is absolutely key to getting curls the way you want them and I could see right away from looking at Cath’s locks that she was seriously lacking in moisture. As with all curly hair, without proper hydration you run the risk of winding up with small, fluffy curls rather than bigger and more defined curls.

Moisture layering is a wonderful way to build up hydration within each strand, providing every shaft with enough weight and volume to hold a smooth, silky shape without the frizz but still keeping it light enough, overall, for plenty of movement and life.

As with many curly headed people out there, Catherine’s hair has a tendency to be extremely dehydrated through the ends and so I recommend that she used lots of my Organic Scented Hair Oil to create a seal on each strand, helping to retain the moisture from every other hydrating product she uses for longer, whilst providing a moisture super-boost.

Cath’s Essential Tabitha James Kraan Organics products: 

Luxury Edition 4-in-1 Conditioner Amber Rose 200ml

Organic 4-in-1 Conditioner

Clean Conditioner Amber Rose and Golden Citrus

Organic Clean Conditioner

crystal-infused beauty

Scented Organic Hair Oil

The enemy of curls is frizz and the cause of frizz? You guessed it – dehydration. For really lovely, big, natural, bouncy curls, moisture is everything! Tabitha James Kraan Organics products are your curl’s best friend as you can really go to town layering the moisture up without having to worry about overdoing it. The natural ingredients we use are so readily absorbable that your thirsty locks will just drink it up, so don’t be frightened to layer it on, product by product.

We take moisture into account every step of the way. Our Organic Hair Cleanser gently cleans your hair and scalp, without stripping and adds the first step of moisture right there at the beginning – something you don’t get with a shampoo. Next, layer on that 4-in-1 conditioner and don’t be shy about how much you use! Apply one pump at a time and leave it in as a styling product that will continue to nourish your hair all day long.

Part of the joy of using Tabitha James Kraan Organics products is that you can use them in whatever way suits you. As Cath has discovered, she can pick and choose from a selection of products to give her hair what it needs that day. Our Scented Organic Hair Oil can be used in a number of ways, from pre-wash treatment to a finishing serum, but for Cath’s curls, she applies it when she blow-dries and as and in-between styling tool to condition her hair between washes. If your hair needs this much hydration, go for it! If your hair is lacking in moisture but oil application is a bit much for styling, you can dress your hair with a pump of the 4-in-1 conditioner as and when you need it too.

Last but not least, our brand new Clean Conditioner plays an important role in Cath’s Tabitha James Kraan Organics routine. Many people love to use this product as an intense weekly or bi-weekly hair mask in the shower, but Cath’s unique twist is to use in as an even more thirst-quenching leave in. She calls in her ‘style and wear it’ product and uses it to nurture her curls on days when they need a little extra TLC.

The true beauty of Tabitha James Kraan Organics products is that we aim to help you get back to your real, not societies ‘perfect’. It’s time to be proud of the hair you were born with and discover that every day can be a good hair day.