‘Get The Look’ with Tabitha James Kraan Organics: Curly Hair, Don’t Care!

‘Get The Look’ with Tabitha James Kraan Organics: Curly Hair, Don’t Care!

Whilst it’s true that our WIW 2017 Campaign is all about the true beauty that we all hold on the inside, it’s hard to avoid the fact that our three models do look pretty wonderful in the resulting images on the outside too!

We’re proud to say that, as per our brand ethics, everything about our campaign shoot was eco-friendly: from the pre-loved designer clothes from our favourite second-hand store, Beetroot; the fair-trade jewellery by India Mahon and of course, our own organic hair products were used to create hairstyles that reflected each woman’s individuality.

Each look was relatively easy to create and certainly something that you could master yourself in the comfort of your own homes, when armed with Tabitha James Kraan Organics products! Unlike many other cosmetic photo-shoots, we only used what the girls came to us with: no fake hair, no photo-shopping, just great products with kind ingredients.

If you’ve been wondering how you can ‘get the look’ of one of our warrior girls, you’ll be pleased to hear that they are all very simple hairstyles! Over our next few blogs we’ll take you through the products and techniques used to style Heidi, Lissie & Phoebe.


Got a mane of curls that you’d love to make the most of, naturally? Take inspiration from the style created for multi-talented and simply amazing Heidi Petite! Here are the products we used for Heidi and some expert tips to help create the right style for your curly locks…

Curly Hair, Don’t Care!

‘Get The Look’: Heidi Petite



Beautiful Curls

If you’re a curly haired beauty, our multi-functional 4-in-1 Organic Conditioner is the Tabitha James Kraan Organics product for you. Believe it or not, this is the only product we used to create all of that fabulous volume and movement for Heidi’s wild and free ‘au-natural’ curl look, finishing with just a touch of our Organic Scented Hair Oil to seal the ends and add in a final injection of moisture.

Moisturisation is key when it comes to curls, whatever look you’re going for, so our easy-to-layer rich yet light 4-in-1 conditioner is a must for your curly hair kit! We built up our layers of conditioner bit by bit, adding a few pumps to plump, enrich and texturise; waiting a moment to see the result and then repeating this process until Heidi got the look she was after.

Get the look for Curly Hair with Tabitha James Kraan Hair Organics

Use our Tabitha James Kraan Organics 4-in-1 conditioner on the go for a moisture boost whenever you need it and silky smooth, manageable hair! Use at home as a traditional conditioner, a leave-in or a scalp treatment, as well as your ultimate, buildable styling tool.

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We finished the look with just a single pump of our aromatic Organic Scented Hair Oil, sealing and protecting each hair shaft and providing just a little extra separation and hydration.

Use just a pump or two of our Organic Scented Hair Oil overnight for a deeply nourishing treatment – perfect for thirsty curls. If you have particularly dry or thick curly hair, you may not even need to wash it out! Just apply throughout, breathe in the aromatherapy blend and go…

Try it as a daily protection or styling tool too, by applying a micro-amount, as we did with Heidi, for weight, body, shine and hydration all day long.

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