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  • Nov182019

    Tabitha wins Green Pioneer award at the P.E.A. Awards 2019

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  • May262016

    Why Do We Use An Amethyst Stone?

    The Amethyst stone is the rarest and yet most popular form of quartz found in this world. If you’re lucky…

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  • May182016
    Sea Buckthorn

    Key Benefits of Sea Buckthorn

    Sea Buckthorn is a herb grown commercially across the world. The leaves, fruit and flowers can be used to make…

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  • May112016

    The Scent Story: Part 3

    So now we know what Aromatherapy Oils are, how we extract them and why we use them, but how can…

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  • May062016

    The Scent Story: Part 2

    Essential Oils are the naturally recurring oils found in all plant species from giant Redwoods to the tiniest rose bush.…

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  • Apr282016

    The Scent Story: Part 1

    Aromatherapy has it’s roots in the most ancient and natural forms of medicine. It is a form of true holistic…

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  • Apr202016

    Best Natural Beauty Product 2016

    It's official! What an amazing weekend!! TJK stormed through the Natural & Organic Awards Europe winning Best Natural Beauty Product…

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