TJK Organics Key Ingredients: The Superpowers of Spirulina


TJK Organics Key Ingredients: The Superpowers of Spirulina

Spirulina has been a big natural health buzzword for a while, but it’s only more recently that it had been getting the attention it deserves for it’s beauty benefits too. This nutrient-rich algae has been used for thousands of years in many far-flung parts of the world, largely as a food source – we do love an ingredient in our organic haircare that is so safe you can eat it, with enormous health benefits no less!

This wonder-algae is incredibly high in antioxidants, including selenium, phenolic acid, vitamin E, and carotenoids and all of these destroy free radicals in the body, offering protection against cancer, infections, diabetes and heart disease as well as lush, healthy hair.

Spirulina is nutrient rich, including B-complex vitamins to protect against hair loss, beta-carotene and vitamin E to protect colour and vibrancy.


Where it all began…

Affectionately named ‘The Miracle Food’ for good reason, Spirulina has been growing naturally on our Earth for an estimated 3.5 billion years and its amazing health and beauty benefits have been positively affecting people (and animals!) all over the world since records began.

Thought to have been a food source for the Aztecs in 16th century Mexico and even further back than that in Chad in the 9th century and today, according to recent research, believed to be the possible answer to the malnutrition crisis many populations all over the world face through supplementation that is even suitable for children and pregnant women, there is so much more to this naturally occurring algae than great skin or hair – but fortunately, that is most definitely a welcomed side-effect!

Why we use it…

Spirulina is absolutely packed with an awe-inspiring amount of essential vitamins, minerals and proteins required to support life. This is seriously good news for hair and the reason why we include it in our award-winning products.

The high concentration of copper and iron found in Spirulina is thought to be responsible for its ability to support healthy hair growth, to the point where one double-blind study showed remarkable results on women suffering from baldness in just 180 days.

The gentle yet powerful anti-inflammatory properties of Spirulina are also a must for healthy hair, thanks to the soothing care this offers the scalp. With a regular dose of Spirulina in your haircare routine, you can expect any scalp irritation to be a thing of the past.

Any products you use on your hair and skin will be absorbed into your body too, so it’s always important to look at the effects ingredients used can have on your system. For TJK users, it’s only ever good things! Internally, Spirulina reduces the symptoms of allergies, boosts your immune system, provides brain nourishment, destroys viruses and much, much more.


Spirulina is:

  • Rich in Chlorophyll for healthy hair growth and slowed progression on greying

  • Anti-inflammatory for a happy, soothed scalp

  • High in vitamins and minerals (and even helps the absorption of others too!)

  • Energy boosting, thanks to its encouragement of faster cell turnover

  • Protein dense – 70% in fact! Essential for hair health

Where you’ll find it…

You’ll find Spirulina on the ingredients list of our Organic Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair.

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