What Everyone’s Saying About Our 4-in-1 Conditioner…

Moisturiser for hair

What Everyone’s Saying About Our 4-in-1 Conditioner…

If you’re looking for a standard conditioner, look elsewhere – our 4-in-1 conditioner is so much more…

The critics love it and our customers even more so! Lightweight enough to wear as a leave-in but rich enough to provide a deeply hydrating experience, this is a multi-miracle worker and a one of the most ground-breaking products in our natural hair organics range.

Tabitha James Kraan Organics is a brand on a mission and that mission is to give everyone the chance of having beautiful hair and a healthy scalp, naturally.

Moisturiser for your hair

Our products are all created with this in mind and we get there by following 3 core principles: Oil Balancing, Correct Cleansing and Moisture Layering.

This is the path to hair that doesn’t need constant, intensive treatment but instead can go for days without needing to be washed whilst still looking and smelling great; is strong, healthy and protected and grows from a scalp with perfect, balanced sebum production.

Our Scented Hair Oil, Hair Cleansers, 4-in-1 Conditioners and Hair Perfume all add additional layers of moisture to the hair, but our multi award-winning 4-in-1 Conditioner is critically acclaimed for providing divine restoration and nurturing on a daily basis.

We don’t encourage hair-washing every day, as this can strip much needed oils from your locks and leave your hair feeling more than a little parched and unbalanced.

Tabitha's hair cleanser tip

Our Hair Cleansers are designed differently, providing a moisture injection with a gentle cleansing action, meaning that until you feel happy going a few days without washing your hair, you can use this regularly with the confidence that it won’t do any damage.

Our 4-in-1 conditioner is an amazing follow up to this and builds on our moisture layering principle, but it’s also fantastic to use on it’s own, every day, as a 100% natural styling tool for silky, manageable hair.

4 Ways You Can Use Our 4-in-1 Conditioner

This product has a lovely, fluid texture that can be easily distributed throughout your hair. Don’t be fooled by the fact that it doesn’t look or feel particularly heavy!

The impressive organic ingredients list will provide your tresses with all the moisture you need, without weighing it down.

The 4-in-1 Conditioner is light enough to wear as a leave-in: all you need is a single pump to support conditioning. Using this as a leave-in allows you to build up moisture on the areas that really need it, whilst protecting and preparing hair for drying.

It’s also a fantastic detangler and thanks to it’s 100% natural and 92% organic ingredients, it’s safe for the whole family to use.

The key to beautiful hair is a healthy scalp, so all of our hair organics are designed with this in mind.

The 4-in-1 Conditioner is packed full of anti-bacterial, anti-septic and anti-microbial ingredients as well as anti-oxidants and soothing, restorative oat milk and coconut oil to help moisturises and relieve scalp irritation. All of our products are free from synthetic perfumes and chemicals.

Apply a minimum of three pumps when using the 4-in-1 as a styling tool, but use as much as you like to create the look that you want! The moisture layering creates volume and density in each strand, so the more you use the more volume you’ll achieve.

Using the 4-in-1 Conditioner as a styling tool will leave you with silky, smooth, manageable hair. If you have particularly dry ends, consider this to be your hair moisturiser and feel free to apply a single pump to dry hair throughout the day for a little hydration boost.

What Our Customers Say…

I can honestly say these products really do everything that TJK say they will do and more. I have been using the range for quite some time now and to be honest I cannot imagine life without them – Rita


Smells divine! works so well with my hair, leaving it smell amazing and looks so shiny! perfect all in one conditioner – Franz


It’s really, a really nice conditioner that leaves the hair very soft & moisturised – Elizabeth


This is a great leave-in conditioner. I feel that it defines the curls in my wavy hair without any greasiness, so this will work very well on naturally curly/wavy hair – Laarni


A great multi-tasker! The formula is rich but doesn’t weigh my hair down at all. I sometimes layer it as a styling product after I dry my hair, and it makes my hair look healthy and shiny – Arj


As a hair conditioner, it’s quite light and softening. As a leave-in conditioner, it’s perfect for helping control frizz and flyaways and as a styling lotion, it works best when used on days when you plan to heat style or braid it – Tianna


Oh man I love this stuff! My current favourite conditioner – and I expect it will remain so for a long time – Terri


I am very pleased with this product! It has a slightly different aroma than the amber rose conditioner… but equally as beautiful! I love the scent profile of all her products (so me)! Great for my dry hair and the scent stays with your hair even after blow drying – Angela


I love this product! It’s not to heavy and leaves it in really good condition. I will be making this my main conditioner from now on – Janet