It’s Official: We’re Organic! TJK Organics Certified by The Soil Association

We know that our products are wonderfully natural and organic, but as consumers, it’s always nice to have that little extra security in knowing that what you’re buying really is the very best and totally free from harmful chemicals: This is just one of the reasons why we’ve been going through the motions to get our organic hair products officially certified by The Soil Association. Here are some others:

Brand transparency is a big deal to us, here at Tabitha James Kraan Organics…


We’re proud of what we do and the products we make and we want to shout our non-toxic ingredient lists from the roof-tops! We love inviting our loyal customers behind the scenes for insider knowledge on what we’re all about, from letting you delve into the inner depths of our campaigns and what they mean to us (check out our blogs about our latest campaign Warrior-Innocence-Wilderness) to keeping you up to date on our achievements and giving you a sneak peek into our personal lives and what we’ve been getting up to on our Instagram feed.

We’re not just another faceless brand. Tabitha James Kraan Organics is a family-run company, born out of a genuine care for the planet and the wellbeing of everyone and everything who lives here!

Get to know the woman behind the brand and how our organic products came to be, in our blog all about Tabitha James Kraan…

We promote ‘Inside-Out’ beauty…


The not-so-pure brands out there must be shaking in their boots as the knowledge of being nurtured by nature trumping synthesised cosmetics on all fronts is becoming mainstream information.

We, however, love it that the concept of wellbeing and the crossover between health and beauty is now at the forefront of many a shopper’s mind and we readily encourage further education into what’s really safe for you and your family to use on your hair and skin and what’s not.

Our products are sustainable…


However much we love our customers, our concern doesn’t stop there. We have developed our products to be kind to our planet, supporting our natural environment wherever possible and never adding to it’s burden.

Our packaging is recyclable; our organic ingredients promote eco-friendly farming; our products are developed and made in Britain to drastically reduce our carbon footprint and we never, ever use unethical practices of any kind.

Non-toxic ingredients…


Back to those ingredients: they’re clean, they’re honest, they’re awesome.

Tabitha has spent over a decade researching and developing Tabitha James Kraan Organics products to not only deliver exceptional, salon-esque results in the comfort of your own home, but also to source are utilise the very best, natural ingredients possible.

We would never use harmful, chemical-based products on ourselves and we wouldn’t expect our customers to either. When you purchase your TJK Organics goodies and see that little Soil Association logo, you know that what you’re buying is safe.