The Tabitha James Kraan Organics Holiday Edit: What’s in Your Hand Luggage?

summer hair care essentials

The Tabitha James Kraan Organics Holiday Edit: What’s in Your Hand Luggage?

Jetting off for a beach break? Don’t let dry cabin air and scorching holiday heat be the ruination of your holiday photos! With the Tabitha James Kraan Organics minis, your hair will be your hair, just as you love it.

We don’t really buy into the whole ‘perfect’ hair thing. What is perfect anyway? But what we do believe is that healthy, happy hair is beautiful hair. And the reason it’s so beautiful? Because it is just the way nature intended. With our organic haircare range, we always strive to create products that transform your mane BACK into its naturally gorgeous state, not forcing it to be something it’s not. Curls? Expect smooth definition. Fine hair? Expect weightless full volume. Thick hair? Discover manageable locks that does as it’s told. Even when under pressure. Yes, even high altitude pressure.

Holiday hair is a thing and usually, it’s not good. But we can change that. Gone are the days when a hat is the number 1 essential for your hand luggage to cover up the mess that harsh, dry, moisture sucking cabin air is known for leaving us with. We’ve got the products that will help you step off that plane in style and better yet, keep you in good stead for the rest of your break too.

summer hair care essentials

Moisture is Key

More often than not, hair woes come down to dehydration (read more about that here) and this is especially true when flying. Cabin air is hugely drying, so ramping up the moisture intake is a must for luscious locks on arrival.

Ideally, we recommend indulging in an oil treatment the night before your fly with the Tabitha James Kraan Organics Scented Hair Oil and rinsing out with our Organic Cleanser, to prep. But once you’re on board, you’ll find our travel size 4-in-1 Conditioner will keep your thirsty strands satisfied.

This fantastic, multi-functional and multi-award winning product is light weight and buildable, so you can reapply as and when you need it without having to worry about weighing your hair down. Quite to opposite actually, as our unique formulation using natural ingredients plumps up each individual shaft, so every application will give you a subtle volume boost too with a sleek, manageable finish.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, keep this hair hero in your beach bag and keep your hair protected and moisturised in the sun. For hair that needs intensive moisture (curly girls, we’re looking at you!) a drop of our oil goes a long way. And it’s in a travel-friendly 30ml bottle. Bonus!

Choose from two scents of our 4-in-1 conditioner to make sure that you smell as great as you look and feel! Amber Rose and Golden Citrus – perfect for both men and women.

Style on the move with the multi-functional conditioner

Scent, Refresh, Hydrate

Another multi-tasker of ours that makes a wonderful travel companion is our Organic Hair Perfume. Sold in a 50ml bottle, so perfect for taking on board, this 100% natural, 99.5% certified organic alcohol free hair perfume is the easiest way to perk up your hair – and skin! Yes, this divinely scented spritz not only revives and hydrates your hair in a couple of refreshing pumps, but it is also a dream to use on your skin, which will also need some serious TLC when flying.

Divine safe Hair Refresher, Organic Hair Perfume

A great styling aid for beating fly-aways, smoothing frizz and boosting shine and also incredibly cooling and soothing on your scalp and skin. Fine molecules of our scented organic hair oil make up part of this magic mixture, as does white tea and nettle – both known for their colour and texture enhancing properties and sun protection for the hair.

Style On The Move

Maybe you didn’t get a chance to cleanse your hair before you set off, maybe your hair has fallen a bit flat, perhaps your scalp doesn’t feel as fresh as you’d like after a long haul flight or a day on the beach. If any of these sound familiar, you need our 100% natural Organic Dry Shampoo. Our expert blend of therapeutic botanicals balances and soothes the scalp, leaving you actually feeling and smelling clean, while delivering incredible volume and texture! Consider this your blow dry in a bottle. It. Is. Awesome.

Ready, get set, GO!

Treat yourself to our On The Go set, containing our travel sized 4-in-1 Conditioner and Dry Shampoo and full sized Organic Hair Perfume. Everything you need in one luxury gift box. Oh and making you a £12 saving too. Because we love you!

Hair care and styling set for travel and on the go