She is Warrior


Stand Strong in Your Power & Reveal the Real You

She is Warrior

What is it to be a woman?

If we were to believe what we are told by magazines, films and airbrushed photo-shoots in the constant barrage of idealistic media that surrounds us seemingly every second of every day, to be a woman would be to look a certain way, to act a certain way and to fit into a mould that society holds up to be ‘perfect’


We, at Tabitha James Kraan Organics, believe something quite different.


We believe that to be a woman is to be empowered. To be a woman is to be true to yourself and stand strong in your own, beautiful identity, whatever that may be. To be a woman is to relinquish the burden of having to identify with an ideal and know that you, with all of your perfect imperfections; you with your strong individuality; you with your own unique connection to the world and those you choose to take your journey with; you are what it is to be a woman.

We invite you to enter into a new phase of womanhood with us so that you can start to truly believe it too.
Walk with us.


Introducing our campaign: WIW – WARRIOR-INNOCENCE-WILDERNESS

The development of our organic products stems not only from a desire to live in harmony with the world around us, but to live in harmony with all facets of ourselves as well and this is what was behind our most recent campaign photo-shoot.

Unlike most beauty brands, we don’t want to sell you on an airbrushed image of unrealistic, aesthetic goals. We don’t want to force an ideal on you. We want our message to be as pure as our products and to encourage you all to embrace and reveal the real you, because that is where true beauty lies.

We are more than a single photograph and the same is true of our warrior girls. No-one can be limited to what one picture portrays but what we have aimed to capture in our photo-shoot is a glimpse into the honesty, vulnerability and strength of three women baring themselves to the world, raw and untouched.

The images from our WIW photo-shoot are not airbrushed. We featured real women who use TJK Organics products, real hair and real personalities.

We worked with our warriors rather than on them, asking them to make their mark by choosing what they wanted to wear, how they wanted their hair and makeup styled and by drawing inspiration from the powerful imagery and poetry in ‘Today I Rise’ to find their innermost, true self before we took the shot.

Beauty has no age, gender, race or creed, but for the WIW campaign, we deliberately chose to collaborate with millennials, to empower the young women that the media so continuously hammers with the pressure to be ‘perfect’.

Everyone is individual and the way we look is in constant flux: Evolving, changing, fading or blooming over time, just as with everything in this life; but what is constant is your soul. Your beauty from within.

It’s time to allow the outside to reflect what’s on the inside. It is time to be you.

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