WARRIOR: Strong & Powerful. She is Not Weakened by Negative Views.

WARRIOR: Strong & Powerful. She is Not Weakened by Negative Views.

Introducing Warrior: A powerful portrayal of the strength of a woman. Warrior Woman stands confidently in her own skin.

The power of womanhood is a strength like none other. From holding the void with the potential for creation within her to standing steadfast in who she is and what she believes in, the essence of being a woman is fierce and a force to be reckoned with. The perfect balance of male and female energies living in perfect harmony. In our campaign, WARRIOR-INNOCENCE-WILDERNESS, we portray this aspect of womanhood as Warrior.

The true beauty of being a woman is inside her and when she is undeterred by the surface ‘ideals’ that our society has designed, we have the privilege of bearing witness to this utterly unique and resplendent emergence of her true self.

A defender of the fragile, vanquisher of suppressants and champion of all that is right and good, Warrior Woman is unbreakable and virtuous in every sense.

warrior woman

To Stand Strong in What She Believes in and Who She Believes in

To observe a woman surrounded by her loved ones, be it as a friend, a partner or a mother, is to see her in her most empowered light.

Warrior Woman thrives when given the freedom to truly be herself, standing sure in her own skin, and fighting with honour on behalf of herself and others for what she believes in. She is not weakened by negative views but rather faces challenges head on, unfaltering, and gains renewed strength with every battle she wins.

She is not afraid. She is never failing. SHE IS WARRIOR.

She Holds the Power of Her Own Beauty Inside and Out

Warrior woman does not identify with an ideal – she knows who she is and she knows that she is beautiful. Warrior Woman comes in many forms, all individual and all powerful.

When we asked our models to show us their inner warrior during our campaign photo shoot, they demonstrated perfectly how different their warrior was from each other and how they all connected with their environment and their personal, core beliefs in their own unique way. From Urban Warrior to Wild Goddess, it was such a pleasure to see their hidden personas come to life.

What we witnessed, unequivocally, was that all three of these women harboured their own interpretation laced with idiosyncrasies of what it is to be a Warrior Woman – each peerless, dynamic and a wonder to behold.

Embrace Your Warrior Woman

To be a Warrior Woman is to be unafraid of the tests we are given in life, including that which challenges our right to be a warrior. Owning who you are, whoever that may be and standing strong in what you believe in is a huge feat of womanhood and not an achievement that should be overlooked.


Embrace Your Warrior Woman by:


Standing Strong

Wear your truest self with pride and don’t be afraid to show it to all you encounter. Stand in your power and allow your veracious character to take the world by storm!


Fighting the Good Fight

Use your strength for good. Stand up for what is right, defend and support those yet to find their own power and face adversaries with kindness.


Knowing Your Power

A woman’s power is held both inside and out and her true beauty is revealed when she connects her internal and external universes, allowing her inner virtue to reflect on the outside.