Warrior Women: Yrsa Daley-Ward’s Inspirational Poetry & Wisdom


Warrior Women: Yrsa Daley-Ward’s Inspirational Poetry & Wisdom

In today’s blog we draw inspiration from the infinitely beautiful and visceral words of poet, actress, writer, wanderer and wonderer Yrsa Daley-Ward; best known for her book of short poems ‘Bone’, which delves deep into the dark and the light of identity and femininity – something that we have been exploring in our latest campaign WARRIOR-INNOCENCE-WILDERNESS.

Yrsa’s words often reflect our own message in such a vivid and succinct way that we felt the need to share some of our favourite poems and exerts with you and our thoughts on what her stories mean to us…


“Truth is beauty, whether pretty or not”


Ceaselessly intricate in flaws and perfections and everything in-between, true beauty is what lies within. When it comes to looks, there can be no ideal: no matter the lay of the land, it is when you are able to reflect what is inside on the outside that you begin to show your true self and that is beauty. That is truth. That is fiercesome, soft, radiant and strong. ‘Pretty’ never enters into it.


“Find someone who makes your feel like you’re coming home.”


Our Wilderness Woman is taps into the aspect of womanhood that thrives in her own environment and that encompasses those around her, as well as her location.

To be her true, divine self, a woman must surround herself with loved ones who support her and nurture her, helping her to reach her true potential and live a life full of freedom, joy, grounding and playfulness.

Never settle. Never stop being you and never stop helping others to be themselves as well. It is when we are together with our kin that we feel at home. We feel at peace.


“What is now will soon be past Just because you do it doesn’t mean you always will. Whether you’re dancing dust or breathing light you’re never exactly the same, twice.” 


A woman is strong is who she is and what she believes in but that doesn’t stop her from being flexible in her expression and multifarious in who she chooses to reveal herself as from one moment to the next.

We all hold our inner child within and the innocence of that shows in the purity of our souls, but we are not the child that we once were, we are not the women that we were yesterday. We, as human beings, are ever-changing, ever-evolving, ever-discovering and showing hidden gems stored away in the cracks and crevices of our consciousness.


“Self expression is a tricky
thing. Just as you start to feel
comfortable with yourself after years
of not, you then have to justify
yourself to other people.” 


We deliberately chose to use millenials for our WIW photo-shoot to hit back at the fashion and beauty culture and the media that has created the need for ‘perfect’ and the requirement for women, particularly young women, to fit a mould.

We have not airbrushed our images and we encouraged our warrior girls to express their true selves, showing the boundless depths that they hold within and to not kowtow to the pressure they feel on a daily basis to look or to be a certain way.

It would be foolish to think that on the path to self-expression we will never encounter narrow-mindedness, jealously or negative views that make us feel as though we must justify who we are; but we say stand strong in your warrior woman! She is not afraid. She is never-failing.


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