Find Beauty in Wellness – 5 Essential Wellbeing Steps for your Beauty Routine


Find Beauty in Wellness – 5 Essential Wellbeing Steps for your Beauty Routine

We’re firm believers that true beauty – the kind that really glows – that beauty comes from within. With that as the foundation for the ultimate beauty routine, it seems clear to us that above all ablutions, self care and wellness practices come first – great hair and skincare can follow!

Prolonged stress, upset and an excess of screen time is plenty to leave your hair and skin looking drab, so just as we strive to treat the root cause of hair and scalp issues with our organic hair products (because healthy hair is beautiful hair), it’s up to you to focus on your heart and soul with healing and joy-inducing wellbeing activities (because a soothed soul is a beautiful soul).


To help you on your way into an uplifting year full of happiness, productivity and success, here are our 5 essential wellbeing steps for your beauty routine:


Remember to breathe. Seems obvious, right? But very few people actually take the time to get back into the habit of really taking those health-inducing, mind-clearing deep breaths that are missing from our everyday lives.

Stress can creep up on you and mount up without you even realising leading to detrimental posture and insomnia – a leading cause of premature wrinkles (tired skin is up to 7 times more lined than well-rested) and dull hair and skin.

The perfect amount of oxygen is a big part of keeping a pep in your step and staying healthy, so take some time out, multiple times a day to just check in and see if you’re breathing right. Chances are that you won’t be, so breathe in deep to your abdomen so that your chest and stomach puff out and then release in a slow, steady outward breath. You’ll feel instantly rejuvenated.


Take a Spa Day

You don’t have to break the bank by heading off to an actual spa, just make one in the comfort of your own home and schedule in a bit of ‘me time’.

Treat yourself to a few of your favourite beauty goodies (we recommend indulging in a luxury oil treatment with our Organic Scented Hair Oil), light some candles, put your choice of relaxing music on and settle in for an all-out pamper session. Great for the mind, body and soul.

Body Scan

Take some wellness time to ‘check in’ with your body to make sure that you’re feeling alright. It’s not often that we give ourselves the same care that we give to others, but there’s nothing wrong with looking after yourself.

A simple body scan will help you to release any pent up anxiety and get back in touch with your body so that you can really be present. Here’s how to do it:

  • Lie comfortably on the floor, your bed or a mat and close your eyes

  • Take a few deep breaths to become present in the moment

  • Do a brief ‘mindful check-in’ – without any judgement, notice how you’re feeling physically and emotionally in the moment

  • Breathe in and out and notice where your breath is reaching. Rest your awareness on your breathing to align your focus

  • Bring your attention at the top of your head and the gradually move through your entire body, checking in and releasing any anxiety or tension


Find your inner innocence, just like in our campaign WARRIOR-INNOCENCE-WILDERNESS and have fun. Us grown-ups have a tendency to take ourselves just a little bit too seriously a lot of the time, so don’t forget to play!

Think of some quick and easy activities that make you smile to boost your wellness levels, whether that’s styling your hair, colouring in or playing a game and start fitting them into your life multiple times a day.


Treat Your Body

Your beauty routine should not be focusing on doing things to improve on yourself, but doing things that make you feel great. You are just perfect the way you are, so any hair and skin treatments that you indulge in are to treat yourself and honour your body for the temple it is.

Choosing to use natural and organic products like the Tabitha James Kraan Organics range is a fantastic start to treating your body the way it deserves. No poisons, just pure, botanical beauty with amazing results.