What is Eco-Luxe? Discover a Balance Between Luxury and Eco-Friendly

Luxury Edition 4-in-1 Conditioner Amber Rose 200ml

We’re not the first company to refer to our products as eco-luxe, but we may be one of the few who truly stand by what this means. To us, eco-luxe is not just a trendy term to get our organic haircare line on the radar of conscious beauty buyers but rather a way of life for us here at Tabitha James Kraan Organics and a wholly accurate description of what we offer.

So, if not fashionable jargon, what is eco-luxe and what does it really mean? Beyond being something that’s nice to use and vaguely environmentally friendly, there’s a lot more to it. Or in our minds there is anyway…

When we say our products are eco-luxe, we mean it. Here’s our interpretation of what that really means:




Certified organic ingredients

We believe that being nurtured by nature is best, so we strive to use organic ingredients wherever possible, which is why our products are considered pure enough to be certified by COSMOS and the Soil Association. This includes using LIVE actives rather than reconstituted natural ingredients.


TRULY non-toxic formulations

When we say non-toxic, we mean non-toxic. No chemical ingredients, no synthetic absorption, no aerosols, no plastics, no VOCs. By choosing our products, you are choosing to protect yourself from the hormone disruption and organ system toxicity that goes hand in hand with chemical products as well as choosing to protect the planet.


Saying NO to indoor air pollution

Indoor air pollution is just as serious as outdoor air pollution. It’s at an all time high, with over 72,000 chemicals having been introduced to homes since the end of World War II, but fortunately you can do something about it. Our products are natural and don’t emit any toxic fumes (VOCs), so by stocking your shower with Tabitha James Kraan Organics, you’re really starting to clear the air.


Recycled post-consumer packaging

Plastic pollution is destroying our planet – there’s no two ways about it. However, by recycling and using post-consumer packing when possible, we’re doing our bit to put a stop to it. We use ZERO plastics, instead moving into plant-based plastics or other eco-friendly alternatives.



Our products comes from a 100% natural starting point, with organic ingredients and not one single chemical preservative, so when washing your hair with Tabitha James Kraan Organics you can rest assured that nothing but biodegradable goodness is going down the drain.


Eco business practices

We don’t just stop at the end result when it comes to being eco-friendly. We do our best to use eco business practices both in our salon and during the creation process of our award-winning products.

Contributing to positive change

We try to make sure that everything we do contributes to the positive, rather than the negative. By using organic ingredients and only ever making ethical and sustainable choices, we are supporting positive change for the world.


SAFE use of essential oils

We fragrance our gorgeous products with 100% natural essential oil aromatherapy blends, but unlike many other brands we’re aware that just because essential oils are natural doesn’t mean that they’re not potent and potentially risky to use. We work alongside an aromatherapist to not only ensure that the fragrance is beautiful, but also that we are keeping our customers safe.

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Understated luxury

To us, beautiful hair is healthy hair not perfect hair. We embrace tousled, textured locks. We the applaud hard-working mums and dads, fitness fanatics, men and women too busy with life to spend hours damaging those locks with heat-styling and piles of product (phew!) and those of you wanting REAL hair – hair that reflects the true you. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t want hair that looks great, you just want hair that is naturally amazing without the fuss! And that’s what you get with Tabitha James Kraan Organics. It is luxury, but luxury you can wear with ease, every day.


Exceptional, organic ingredients

Our products mean the world to us and so do our customers, so we refuse to use anything but the very best. You’ll find no fillers here! Each product is packed with organic ingredients carefully selected for impressive results.


Natural, aromatherapy scent

Synthetic fragrance is not only harmful to your health, it smells bad too. Who wants to leave a chem-trail wafting behind them? Not us! However, we do know that smelling divine is a big deal to lots of you and a lingering scent is actually part of the joy of washing hair, so our products are fragranced, deliciously so, but with essential oils not synthetics.


Beautiful to look at, beautiful to use

Our products not only leave your hair looking great, they leave your bathroom looking great too! Our luxury bottle design is just one of the little things that makes us stand out from the crowd. Who says eco-packaging can’t look expensive?


Professional performance

Before our products, our pride and joy lay in our organic 5* salon in the heart of the Cotswolds and although our home-grown brand has now taken off to international heights, we know this is where it all started. We’re still here, still working away creating fantastic looks for our loyal salon clients day in day out and we know that our love and devotion to our boutique salon, where our products were born, tried and tested, comes across in our products. We use our range in our 5* salon, so when you’re using them at home, you know you’re using the very best and getting professional results.