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Open Letter

Dear Friends,

There are not many people in the world who want to make a difference, and the ones who make it their life’s mission; the true pioneers are very rare indeed.

I am very blessed to be married to one of these very special pioneers and the journey we share.

My wife Tabitha has been working relentlessly on the eradication of harmful chemicals from the hair industry since 1999, I would say she has made it her life’s mission!

I am not sure if you have ever seen the Natural Beauty Yearbook, but it is a yearly publication, of the top 25 UK personalities who have helped to move the natural beauty industry forwards in terms of product development, consumer awareness, advances in ingredients, etc. Focussing on the people who never tire of championing true green beauty and showcasing what it stands for to the world at large.

We are not sure why, but for some reason Tabitha has never been included in this list, despite her long history of being the UK foremost pioneer of organic hairdressing, having:

  • Established the first official Organic hair salon in 1999
  • Turned it into the first eco and truly sustainable hair salon in the UK
  • Be the first to bring some of the best available high performance natural & organic brands to the UK
  • Educated thousands of clients and staff members to the dangers of chemicals found in cosmetics and introducing safe alternatives
  • Developed new holistic hair colouring methods
  • Complete re-formulated the idea and philosophy behind the ultimate natural haircare needs and how science behind it
  • Researched and developed her multi-award winning Organic Haircare range, sold worldwide.
  • Working closely together with UK’s top scientists on future developments and further eradication of harmful chemicals, whilst maintaining professional performance.

As you can see, Tabitha ticks not just one, but all boxes required for a mention, so can I please ask one minute of your time and visit the Beauty News Website to vote for Tabitha to be recognised for the nearly 2 decades this true green beauty pioneer has brought (with much more to come)!


(Voting closes on Friday 29th July 2016 and you can nominate other people as well!)

Thank you for your support!

Dennes J-K
Co Founder & Proud Husband