WILDERNESS: Wild or Urban, She is a Free Spirit

WILDERNESS: Wild or Urban, She is a Free Spirit

Introducing Wilderness: Our representation of just one of the many facets of womanhood that captures the true power and beauty of what it is to be a woman.

When we set out to create our WIW campaign, our goal was to allow our featured warriors to take charge and show us their own, individual identity within three aspects of their personality: Warrior-Innocence-Wilderness.

The result was incredible. Three woman, totally unique in every way, standing confidently in their own skin, demonstrating the beautiful blend, wisdom and purity that they hold peacefully within. Today, we delve into their portrayal of Wilderness and what this means to us.


Wilderness Woman is Whole When in Her Space… 

Wild or urban, a woman comes into her own when amongst her kin, in her own environment, enveloped in her freedom.

Some feel most at home in a bustling city centre, others rediscover themselves deep in the woods or when they come to water. Whatever your sacred space, your own Wilderness Woman is a free spirit and at one with her version of the world.

We are the authors of our own lives and the creators of our own destinies. We, as women, have the ability to roam fearlessly, thriving in independence but equally, drawing tenacity from those we love who surround us and support us to reach our true potential. We stand strong in who we are, unaffected by negative views and unswayed by ideals.

Wilderness Woman is a firey warrior full of life, embracing adventure and the unknown with the in-built courage and fortitude that she was born with.


We Have Evolved to be a Part of Nature, Not Apart from It

We are more than how one photograph perceives us and we are more than the labels that society so frequently attempts to force upon us. Your Wilderness Woman is open to your own version and interpretation, but to us, being at one with our inner wilds means that we must be at one with our outer environment too.

We are all connected at our core to our Mother Earth. We have evolved to be a part of nature, not apart from it and so living in harmony with our planet and the natural world by treating it kindly, with a deep gratitude and love is an essential part of life.

Being connected to our environment, whatever that may be; the people around us and all facets of ourselves helps us to wear our femininity with pride, in harmony with the male and female energy within us and around us that makes us whole and complete.

Embrace Your Wilderness Woman

Everyone is individual and the way in which you discover and present your inner wilderness will be totally unique to you. There is no need to identify with an ideal: just stand strong in your own power, loving and appreciating every aspect of yourself and give yourself the freedom to roam, explore and create your world inside and out.


Embrace your Wilderness Woman by:


Being present and alive in your environment

Take a moment to look around, breathe in deeply and absorb your surroundings, wherever you may be.

Braving the unknown

Allow yourself the freedom to explore your world. Dive into adventure and don’t be held back by negative views.

Being at one with your true self

Love who you are and bring that person to light. Life has a tendency to make us forget and look unkindly on our true selves but now is the time to stand strong in who you are and face the world, unwavering.