What is it to be a woman?

If we were to believe what we are told by magazines, films and airbrushed photo-shoots in the constant barrage of idealistic media that surrounds us seemingly every second of every day, to be a woman would be to look a certain way, to act a certain way and to fit into a mould that society holds up to be ‘perfect’


We, at Tabitha James Kraan Organics, believe something quite different.


We believe that to be a woman is to be empowered. To be a woman is to be true to yourself and stand strong in your own, beautiful identity, whatever that may be. To be a woman is to relinquish the burden of having to identify with an ideal and know that you, with all of your perfect imperfections; you with your strong individuality; you with your own unique connection to the world and those you choose to take your journey with; you are what it is to be a woman.

We invite you to enter into a new phase of womanhood with us so that you can start to truly believe it too.
Walk with us.