TJK Organics Key Ingredients: The Wonders of White Willow

Salix Alba Leaves

TJK Organics Key Ingredients: The Wonders of White Willow

Every single ingredient that we choose to include in Tabitha James Kraan Organics products is there for a reason. We don’t do fillers, we don’t do unnecessary additives and preservatives and we certainly don’t do chemicals.


Our Organic haircare line has been carefully and thoughtfully formulated with love and a passion for beautiful hair and a happy, healthy world.


When you use our products, you’ll notice the scalp soothing properties and uplifting aromatherapy scents right off the bat; You’ll discover healthy hair with natural shine and lustre that you didn’t even know you were missing with synthetic products…all this and more, thanks to 100% natural ingredients.

white willow

The wonders of nature that we include in our haircare deserve recognition, so we feel as though it’s time we introduced you to every last one of them in a more personal way in a fun and informative series of blogs. First up: White Willow…

Where it all began…

White Willow is native to both Europe and Central Asia, although it has been grown and used amongst many indigenous cultures for over 5000 years, both as a potent pain reliever and anti-inflammatory.

Traditionally, White Willow would be infused in boiling water to make up a healing tea and used to treat a vast array of ailments and symptoms, including headaches, arthritis, menstrual cramps and for improved skin and hair health.

white willow

Why we use it…

With it’s main talents lying in pain relief, you may be wondering how White Willow managed to make its way to the very exclusive list of TJK Organics ingredients…

One of the reasons why White Willow is so effective at relieving aches and pains is that the active constituent – Salicin – is a powerful anti-inflammatory, which is perfect for scalp soothing (something we consider to be an important part of great hair care).

We use White Willow bark powder, which acts as a gentle cleanser for the hair and also has an exceptionally high absorption rate, making it wonderful for soaking up excess sebum without being drying.

Salix Alba Leaves

White Willow is:

  • A powerful anti-inflammatory for a soothed scalp

  • High in anti-oxidants

  • Increases blood flow for improved hair strength

  • Hormone balancing

Where you’ll find it…

You’ll find White Willow on the ingredients list of our 4-in-1 Conditioners.

Golden Citrus Organic 4-in-1 COnditioner by Tabitha James Kraan

4-in-1 Conditioner Golden Citrus

Amber Rose Organic 4-in-1 Conditioner by Tabitha James Kraan

4-in-1 Conditioner Amber Rose